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The 'Never Miss a Sunset' Pioneer Family Series
This series written by Jeanette Gilge is about her family who lived in Spirit, Wisconsin.
Previously published as
Never Miss a Sunset
Previously published as
Best of Intentions
Satin in the Snow
As Long As I Have You
City - Kid Farmer
Growing Up Summer
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This series (above) written by Jeanette Gilge is about her family who lived in Spirit, Wisconsin, Al and Emma and their children. Albert and Emma [Marheine] Meier were married in 1886 and set up housekeeping in a small house on their homestead near the Spirit River some twenty miles west of Tomahawk and approximately 13 miles east of Ogema, Wisconsin. (About one half mile from the current location of “Our Yesterday House” on the German Settlement History/Liberty School site.) Between 1887 and 1910 Al and Emma had 14 children, 13 of whom survived into adulthood. The Never Miss a Sunset Pioneer Family Series is a chronicle of this family. In this series, the surnames have been changed, but all the Christian names and all the events are historical.
The author, Jeanette, was the daughter of one of the thirteen children. When her mother died she was raised by her grandmother, Emma. When her own children were grown Jeanette wrote this series relying on her memories and her interviews with the extended family. Her story is an accurate and fascinating account of the life of an ordinary family living in northern Wisconsin during the end of the 19th and first half of the 20th centuries.
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